Garden Product Dropshipping Site (Oct 2014)

ID: #564

Monetisation: Dropshipping / Ecommerce

Net Profit: £1,436 (average over 6 months)


A Summary

A perfect site for someone who wants to work on a business for just a couple of hours a week for a decent income.

This site can be left alone for a passive income or can be grown, it is perfect for a newcomer or for an investor who has a team of online marketers on a payroll to increase the visibility of the site.

With great suppliers an markups on every product, this is available at a very good price. It will sell soon!

The site has earned some very nice rankings in the year and a half it has been online, it is ranking for many of its longtail keywords with 5 keywords in the number 1 spot on

The seller has done no link building at all and has heavily relied on good content and social media shares to get traffic.

Whether you want to work hard to build the site from the solid foundation the seller has laid already or use it as a passive income stream working on it for a few hours per week, this is a very good deal!


Site Stats / SEO

(for a more detailed report, please contact us stating the site ID 564)

Platform: WordPress


Majestic TF : 18

Majestic CF : 17

Moz DA : 22

Backlink Profile : The seller has done no manual link building at all but has had some very good content written for the site as well as 2 high quality info graphics which have contributed for a lot of the social shares.

The long tail keywords have brought in the most traffic. Social shares mentioned above have had a good impact on the Majestic and Moz metrics in terms of building trust in Google.

With some good quality link building, the site will easily be pushed higher in the ranks for more of its keywords.

The seller has also never done any PPC or Facebook advertising which, again, if utilised correctly, can bring in a nice amount of traffic giving a very attractive ROI.


Work Required To Maintain

From working on the site almost full time, the seller has grown it from a hobby with a passion to a business with an income.

The seller also works full time and is now custom to the taste of running their own business. With a few other ventures in the pipeline, the amount of time spent on this site has now come down to 1-3 hours per week (this can be split up as the calls can come at any time but usually during business hours).

This time is spent on the general accounting of numbers as well as occasionally answering customer service calls and emails. Most of the questions a customer would ask is covered in the FAQ section and there is a “live chat” feature on the site which is taken care of by a third company for most of the questions.

If the new owner wanted to grow this business, the scope is definitely there. With the right SEO strategy and careful placement of PPC and Facebook ads, the site is able to increase the traffic many times over (in turn increasing earnings).


Reason For Sale

The seller is now looking to launch multiple business, both online and brick and mortar and while seeking external funding, would also like to free up some of the cash tied up in their assets, one being this website.

The seller is keen to have a small equity in this website if agreeable with the buyer because it is their passion and is willing to write articles and become a consultant if desired on an ongoing basis.


Included In The Sale

  • Domain name
  • The logo for the site which is in a Photoshop file
  • All files and content for the website
  • 5 email addresses and emails
  • Upto 1 months support after the sale – option to keep an equity in the business and stay on as an advisor / consultant
  • Contact details and continued relationships and discounts for the products (the seller has built very good relationships with the suppliers and gets good discounts enabling them to markup the products very nicely)
  • Email list of 1252 customers
  • Twitter with 459 followers
  • Facebook 1762 likes

If you are interested in knowing more and for a full prospectus on this site, please contact us today quoting Ref ID 564 or call 07827 995503. We do require a 5% refundable deposit to share this information. Please see our buy a site page for why we request the deposit and how it benefits you as a buyer.