Affiliate Based Clothing Site (June 2014)

ID: #563

Monetisation: Affiliate

Net Profit: £967 (Avg. Over 6 months)


A Summary

A solid, steady income earner within the clothing and apparel market.

The current owner of the site has put in a lot of hours in bringing the site to the level it is at today.

Even though the site is only around a year old, it has shown a lot of potential and in the right hands, it can grow into a respectable earner.

The site is generating income from various affiliate plans from UK based clothing suppliers.

Being in an industry that is thriving, the apparel and clothing space, this website is on its way up.

This site is ideal for someone who, while being new to investing in websites, also has some basic knowledge on SEO or PPC.

While the site has had a lot of traffic from organic search results, it can certainly achieve some very nice growth in traffic and sales with some strategic Google Adwords or targeted Facebook advertising campaigns.

The site, as it is, will continue to generate income, but with a few extra hours of work in paid advertising can easily grow.

Many of the keywords which bring in the targeted traffic and income are in the top 10 of and these are “buyer intent” keywords. There are more keywords which the seller has found and will be sharing with the buyer of the site and with some content, can also rank for these.


Site Stats / SEO

(for a more detailed report, please contact us stating the site ID 563)

Platform: WordPress


Majestic TF : 12

Majestic CF : 8

Moz DA : 15

Backlink Profile : Clean backlinks, a few from related directories and predominantly blog mentions. No black/grey hat activities or spammed links. One blog post from the site went viral and earned most of the links and social shares.


Work Required To Maintain

While this is essentially a passive income site, it is advised to log into the WP of the site to monitor comments as it does get a lot of genuine comments on the post, it also has a few spammed links which, of course, need to be deleted. Akismet takes care of most of the spam, but occasionally some may slip through.

It is advised to grow the site, to use either content writers or the buyer writes the content themselves. A contact for a good contact writer will be provided with the listing who charges a fair price for premium content. Buyer will share list of profitable keywords which have little competition to rank for, all it needs is content being written for it.

As mentioned, some pro-active marketing in the form of Facebook ads or Google PPC can push the targeted visitors as the seller has found some low PPC phrases which will bring in a good commission on the related products.


Reason For Sale

The seller has another project which has been in planning stages for a while and now is ready to kick off. They need the available funds to inject into this new project.


Included In The Sale

  • Domain name
  • All artwork created for the site in its original format (PSD/AI)
  • All files and content for the website
  • 3 email addresses and emails
  • Upto 3 months support after the sale – seller happy to help even after this period
  • Details and transfer of all affiliate payment avenues – seller happy to arrange this
  • Email list of 595 customers
  • Twitter with 746 followers
  • Facebook 856 likes

If you are interested in knowing more and for a full prospectus on this site, please contact us today quoting Ref ID 563 or call 07827 995503. We do require a 5% refundable deposit to share this information. Please see our buy a site page for why we request the deposit and how it benefits you as a buyer.