Launching Sitebrokers!

Having bought and sold online businesses for years, I had made some very good decisions when it came to assessing website statistics which lead to some real winners in my portfolio.

I didn’t always make good decisions, in fact the most valuable lessons I learned when it came to website making buying decisions was as a result of bad decisions – these were very expensive lessons as you can imagine.

I had lost money as well as time and most of this was a result of poor due diligence and sometimes the haste in acquiring the online business.

SiteBrokers is service that will do the due diligence for website buyers which minimises the risk of making a bad decision.

When I was starting out I could only wish there was a service that where most of the due diligence was done for me.

I would still want to do the due diligence myself as I am going to be investing my money, but having a service available to check any stones I happened to leave unturned would be ideal.

SiteBrokers’ primary goal is to save the investor their valuable time while providing a piece of mind in making sure you get the best investment possible minimising the risk factor to the buyer.

Our brokers have real world, hands on experience with buying, maintaining and selling online website businesses.

We know what statistics to look for and we present this data to the buyer in a digestible format via our prospectus.

We have specialists in SEO, PPC and social media marketing so we can advise you with growing the traffic

Sitebrokers are your one stop shop for your website investment needs.

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