We specialise in high-end internet businesses and other premium websites. The reason for not publicly showcasing the URL is because it is unfair on you as the buyer.

Publicly listing the type of site, layout, structure, specific niche will result in 30 other sites popping up. The hard work which the seller had put in in creating or maintaining the site will be replicated for those out there who constantly seek easy wins.

This willsignifically increase the competition for you as the buyer during the following months/years.

We do request a 5% deposit of the selling price in exchange for the URL and the full prospectus. If, once having viewed the URL, you do not wish to proceed then we will refund the deposit – no questions asked.

If you would like a phone call or a meeting in person, then please feel free to call Sunny, The Senior Broker, on his direct mobile on 07827 995503.

It is the personal touch, where we set ourselves apart from the competition.

This process of requesting the deposit also helps us focus more of our attention on the more serious buyers.